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Happy New Year! 
I’d like to welcome back our students, families, and educators after what I hope was a joyful winter break. At NOLA-PS, we have been busy on a number of initiatives to support student success that we will be announcing throughout the year. Today, I want to update you specifically on our efforts to improve school bus safety..

Transportation is a critical part of making our unique school system successful. We are committed to families being able to make choices about where their children attend school. I recognize the sacrifice many parents make to get their children a great education, including sending them off every morning to schools in neighborhoods far from home. It is our responsibility, in the system we have created to support these choices, to make sure students get to and from school safely.

To that end, it is unacceptable that some buses transporting students have yet to pass the city’s new inspection process. This practice is going to end. I have asked every school to verify immediately with their contractors that their buses and drivers meet standards. If not, schools must submit a corrective action plan showing how their buses will become compliant by February 13th. If schools don’t comply, increased accountability actions will be taken.

I am also forming a working group in collaboration with local experts to identify long-term solutions that lead to improved bus transportation safety. We will announce the make-up of this group and a schedule for recommendations by the end of this month.

The basic thing a school system asks of its families is trust. They trust us to take care of their children, to support their needs, and prepare them for the future. They trust us to keep their children safe. That is our commitment. I look forward to updating you again soon.

Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr. 
NOLA-PS Superintendent of Schools

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