New Orleans Public Schools have led a dramatic increase in the number of students meeting academic proficiency standards and the performance gap between students in Orleans Parish and Louisiana as a whole has dramatically decreased over the last 14 plus years.

Despite these gains, additional progress is needed. Every student in New Orleans deserves equal access to high quality schools where their interests will come first, where they and their families will have choice, and where educators will have the tools and support they need to be successful. The NOLA Public Schools Request For Applications will begin in December. If you are interested in applying, additional materials and information will be posted to this page in the fall of 2020. Please find the Spring 2020 Charter Application below as a reference, however, please note that the LDOE updates the application annually, and thus this application will change prior to applications being received by NOLA-PS.

District Authorizing Priorities

The Orleans Parish School Board regularly adopts a set of district authorizing priorities to guide its charter authorization process. These priorities outline what the district seeks in operators to expand high-quality options for families. Setting clear District Authorizing Priorities informs recruitment strategies for new operators and expansion of existing operators; provides transparency in the charter application process of the district’s objectives; and informs the Superintendent’s decision to approve new schools. 

District Authorizing Priorities

Spring 2020 RFA Cycle

Charter Applicant Eligibility Form
Sample Letter of Intent
Spring 2020 Charter RFA Full Application
Spring 2020 RFA Evaluation Rubric and Evaluation Information

Supplemental Materials:

Experienced Operator Template

New Operator Template

Board Roles Template

Finances Template

Budget Narrative Guidance

Applicants who have approved Letters of Intent and Eligibility Documentation have been provided a link to the application on the EdLusion Portal.  

For assistance with the Edlusion Portal, please see this user guide.

Additional Resources
Louisiana Department of Education’s Charter Applicant Toolbox

To learn more about how charter schools are approved and NOLA Public Schools' role in expanding high-quality seats, please see the following presentation: School Development Overview

Spring 2020 Submitted Applications

Past RFA Cycles

Additional Cycles can be found in our archive website: – for additional information please consider filing a public records request.

Charter Types, including Type 3 Conversion, Type 1 New Start, Type 1 Transformation, Type 1 Transformation (Full Takeover), Type 1 Transformation (Reconfiguration)
Pathways to Expanding School Offerings, indicating pathway, when seats open, and process.
Definitions of New Application, Replication: New Application, Replication: Automatic, Expansion: Additional Seats
Application Tracks: Track & Qualifications for New Operators and Experienced Operators
Application Requirements
Application Requirements Continued

Start a Charter School

Materials will be added Fall 2020 for the Spring 2021 Charter RFA Cycle.

District Primary Contact

For any questions regarding opening a charter school in New Orleans, and/or the application process, please contact Kristine Barker,    

External Resources

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Hotline Number for Parents

School-based issues or concerns from parents

24-hour Hotline Number for Community
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