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NOLA Public Schools Facility Renaming Initiative

In response to recent public requests and in accordance with board policy, the administration has outlined a plan to assess the names of all facilities. 

What is the Facilities Renaming Initiative?

The Orleans Parish School Board believes all schools should be welcoming, inclusive, and inspiring places for all students, and desires to ensure that the names of our school facilities and the people that we honor through naming reflect the values of the school district. The School Board is fundamentally opposed to retaining names of school facilities named for persons who were slave owners, confederate officials and segregation supporters.

Per policy FDC, the Orleans Parish School Board shall have sole authority to name or rename any school facility (i.e, school campuses, individual buildings, athletic fields, stadiums, gymnasiums, libraries, fields, tracks, and multipurpose rooms) private drive, or street it owns. No school facility or other public building or facility shall be named in honor of any living person. However, a street that is maintained by the School Board and that is not a state or federal highway, or any existing athletic facilities at a school within the School Board’s jurisdiction may be named in honor of a living person.

Site/Facility Name

Slave Owner/ Confederate Official/ Segregation Supporter


Allen, Henry W.

Confederate Official/ Segregation Supporter

Audubon School

Slave Owner

Fortier, Alcee

Segregation Supporter

In Race and Education in New Orleans: Creating the Segregated City, 1764–1960, Walter C. Stern 

Franklin, Benjamin ES

Franklin, Benjamin HS

Slave Owner

Behrman, Martin

Segregation Supporter

Jackson, Andrew

Slave Owner

Lafayette, Marquis de

Slave Owner

Lusher, Robert Mills

Segregation Supporter

 Timeline of the Life and Work of Robert Mills Lusher

Researched and written by Michael Tisserand

Sources: Newspaper accounts and Robert M. Lusher Papers, archived at Louisiana State University

McDonogh, John

McDonogh 07

McDonogh 15

McDonogh 28

McDonogh 32

McDonogh 35 (Kelerec)

McDonogh 35 (Phillips/Waters)

McDonogh 42

Slave Owner

Walker, O. Perry

Segregation Supporter

 Earl Benjamin BUSH et al., Plaintiffs, v. ORLEANS PARISH SCHOOL BOARD et al., Defendants.

Wright, Sopie B.

Segregation Supporter

Submit your feedback!

There are several ways to propose potential names for our school facilities:

1. Email us your suggestions at

2. Mail your suggestions to: 
Renaming Initiative
2401 West Bend Pkwy, Ste 5096
New Orleans, La 70114

3. Share your suggestions at a public meeting:
Public meetings dates: TBD
All public comment will be a part of the public record for this process.

Public meeting

April 27, 2021 4:30P

Student Feedback Sessions**Student feedback sessions are only open to current students of NOLA Public Schools and are not open to the general public.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Saturday, April 10, 2021         


Saturday, April 17, 2021          

10:00A- NOON

Tuesday, April 27, 2021           

3:15P- 4:00P    


Most recent public board presentations:

March 16, 2021$file/Renaming%20Facilities%20Board%20Update%2031621.pdf


February 23,2021$file/Facilities%20Renaming%20Initiative%2022321%20final.pdf$file/NOPS%20School%20Names%201841%20to%202005%20UpdatedFeb1121.pdf

What is the renaming process?


What is the criteria for submissions?

1. When naming a school facility, private drive or street in honor of a historic event or place including generally accepted community subdivisions or geographic areas, the Superintendent and School Board shall ensure that naming the school facility, private drive or street in such a manner would honor the school system as well as the historic event, community subdivision or geographic area.

2. When naming a school facility, private drive or street in honor of a deceased individual, the Superintendent and School Board will be guided by the following criteria. The individual for whom a school facility, private drive or street would be named shall:

a. Have made substantial contributions to his/her field of endeavor or to society in general; or,
b. When possible, have had some significant connection with the school, either as a student, an alumnus, a faculty member, an administrator, a donor, or a supporter; or,
c. Have made significant contributions to the development of the Orleans Parish school system or to the State of Louisiana in education, the arts, public life, or some other appropriate field of endeavor;
d. In any event, the individual must have been of such outstanding character and distinction that naming a school facility, private drive or street after him/her would honor the school district as well as the individual and would provide educational or motivational value to the students served at the school.  

How will public feedback be handled?


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