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Now just starting year two under our unified school system, I know we must continue to help share how we at NOLA Public Schools (NOLA-PS) support our 44,000 students and work with our 78 schools. We play many functions, but this time of year, especially as we will soon receive letter grades our role in holding schools accountable is front and center.

NOLA-PS remains focused on ensuring that all students receive a high-quality education that fosters their individual capabilities, while ensuring that they thrive and are prepared for civic, social, and economic success.  When our schools succeed and when they stumble, NOLA-PS has systems in place to allow us to proactively address problems as authorizer of schools. Many of these systems are reflected in an important public document that guides our approach to oversight and accountability for charter schools. It is called the Charter School Accountability Framework, and we developed it over the course of two years in collaboration with schools, students, families, and community partners. 

The Charter School Accountability Framework clearly articulates our academic, organizational, and financial expectations for schools and guides our work in monitoring and evaluating our schools. 

Under the Charter School Accountability Framework, school finances are subjected to intensive oversight, and my team tracks closely the work of the thirty-eight independent non-profit boards that govern our charter schools. Today that represents a total of 78 schools and approximately 44,000 students.

Daily implementation of the Framework is led by NOLA-PS Chief Portfolio Innovation and Accountability Officer Dr. Kelli Peterson and her hard working team of six individuals who are dedicated to serving our students and families. The team visit schools to assess how well they meet our standards and also fields calls from families, staff, or community members who have concerns about a particular school. Our accountability team has helped streamline administrative compliance, and regularly reviews school websites, handbooks, instructional minutes, and other school-level policies to ensure they align with local and state regulations. This team also trains new community members who join charter school board's about their role and responsibilities as well as NOLA Public Schools' expectations for them and the organizations they govern. 

The work of NOLA-PS is far from over, as regulator we will continue to hold our schools accountable to high standards. We will remain committed to increasing the number of high-quality schools in our portfolio that are available to families. As a policy maker, we are adjusting our policies to better serve students and families. A benefit of local control is that our community can have a say in policies that affect them, and we are listening. 

Across our community of schools, we all want our students to complete their scholastic journeys equipped with the well-rounded education they deserve. Join NOLA-PS in helping to make that goal a reality for every child, in every school, every day. 


Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr. 
NOLA-PS Superintendent of Schools

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