I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe, happy and healthy. While this school year has been one like no other, NOLA-PS’ commitment to ensuring that schools serve the needs of our students remains steadfast.

Charter renewal is a critical part of this process, and one of the most important functions of NOLA-PS’ role as an authorizer. The renewal process isn’t new - it’s a transparent process that all schools in our District go through in the last year of their charter contracts. Having a regular touchpoint to evaluate a school’s performance is one way we ensure students are learning and getting the support they need to find success after high school, be it in college or at a good job. When the District reviews an individual school's performance, it determines to what extent schools have met specific standards as described in the Charter School Accountability Framework. This framework focuses primarily on key areas like student learning outcomes and compliance with federal, state and local law and policy.

Above all else, NOLA-PS values a quality education that nurtures the whole child. The renewal process we go through every year helps to make sure schools are meeting those high standards, which our students and school community more than deserve. Because of the unique circumstances impacting this school year, NOLA-PS has worked hard to pass policy changes that allow us to consider additional information for each school that does not meet current renewal standards, through a comprehensive evaluation process. NOLA-PS will present an overview of data and factors impacting this year’s renewal considerations at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Nov. 17 at 1pm. We encourage all interested members of the NOLA-PS school community to join us virtually. More information is available on our website. Following the presentation of this overview, NOLA-PS’ official renewal recommendations will be presented at a special Orleans Parish School Board meeting on December 8th.

I know that things are tough for families across NOLA right now, but I want our entire school community to know that NOLA-PS is here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, be they on charter renewal, COVID-19 testing or anything in between, please reach out to NOLA-PS or your school.

Together, we can do this.

In Service,

Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr.
Superintendent, NOLA Public Schools